1/48 Collect-Aire Douglas RB-66B 


by Peter Doll



Here's my my just finished all resin model of Collect-Aire's Douglas RB-66B Destroyer in 1:48. Built straight out of the box without any extra parts, except a few antennas.

Collect-Aire's B/RB-66, Kit No. 4803N, is one of the best resin kits I have worked on. Fit is excellent and the outlines of the model are perfectly reproduced. One point of criticism concerns the cockpit interior, which could be a little bit more detailed.

As a great fan of bare metal jets of the USAF stationed in Europe in the sixties and seventies during the Cold War, I've chosen for my model the colorful markings of the 10.TRW/30TRS stationed at Alconbury, UK.

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The model is completely plated with simple kitchen foil; as an adhesive I've used a not too fast drying clear lacquer. The burnished metal can be created by cooking the foil in hot water with egg shells. It's more than easy and you'll be surprised to see how many shades of burnished metal can be created depending on the time you leave the foil in the hot water.

All panel lines and rivet details I have removed and rescribed later on the aluminium foil.  A lot of work, but the final result is worth it.  The pictures will say more than thousand words.  Have fun to watch!


Collect-Aire's kit of the Destroyer comes along with a large variety of neatly printed decals and extra parts, allowing to built all versions of this huge bomber, including the famous EB-66. 


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Photos and text by Peter Doll