1/48 Classic Airframes SM 79

by Sam Chia



This is my 1/48 scale SM79 completed some time ago.  When Classic Airframes released this kit, I immediately went out and got one.  I just dig the unusual tri-motor configuration and obscure camo schemes.

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The model was built basically straight out of the box.  Like all multi-media kits, this kit was a little more work but considering that fact, it went together quite well.  I also installed some structural detail around the waist gunners positions so that when the waist door and gunners windows were ‘opened,’ there would be something to see other than bare plastic.

Almost all paint used is from the Gunze Sangyo range.  The weathering is a combination of an oil based wash and testors silver ‘chipped’ paint.


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Photos and text © by Sam Chia