1/32 21st Century Toys F4u1A/D Corsair

by Bill Arnold



This is my third model by this company so there were no surprises.  I was used to this type of plastic that resists regular tube glue.  Several "plugs" had to be made to fill the huge holes in the fuselage sides and under the wings.  These plastic plugs work much better than the kit supplied rubber plugs.

The model was painted with Tamiya and Model Master paints.  It was weathered with oil paint, pastel chalk and a Berol silver pencil.  Foil seatbelts and a shoulder harness was added to the cockpit.

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I have several more kits by this company to complete.  They are not difficult to build, just a little time consuming to add details or enhance the ones built into them.  For the price you can't beat them.


Photos and text by Bill Arnold