1/48 Hasegawa F-14A, VF-41

by Shawn Phantom Weiler



Yet another group build complete, and another Tomcat.  This was built for the Gulf War I GB.  Two Tomcats for me in this GB.  Both (natch) are CVW-8 from USS Theodore Roosevelt.  The first completed was submitted a month ago, here is the next one.  This (again) is a Hasegawa F-14A built OOB except for the decals and the tape seat belts. Again I built this one wheels up.  Kind of liking the way these look.  Also they make displaying the finished models a little more interesting.

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I used a impossible to find Superscale sheet for the decals.  This one representing the VF-41 squadron commanders plane, "Queen of Spades".  Matches nicely the VF-84 "Cat SnXXX fever". 

To make it wheels up did not go as well as my VF-84 plane.  This one required a lot of plastic strip and putty.  Strip would have been required anyway as I really buggered up the port intake.  It looks good now, but dang it was in rough shape till I figured out how to fix it. 

The display stand is a coat hook I picked up at my wife's "hobby store" Paint it red, toss on a sticker and its "good to go".


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Photos and text by Shawn Phantom Weiler