1/48 Grand Pheonix EE Lightning

by Angelo M Picardo



This is the Grand Pheonix issue of the Airfix Lightning.  I added the Aire's cockpit, undercarriage, exhaust and control surfaces.  Also included is a different set of decals from the Airfix issue.

I added a white metal intake ring by Airwaves as it polishes up to give an excellent shine.

The kit will need a lot of modification and trimming to get the Aires resin to fit, especially the undercarriage bays, but it is worth it as the detail on these parts is fantastic!

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I had the privilege to see Lightnings flying and I have met pilots who flew them and they all state it was the most exciting aircraft they ever flew. One pilot told me that its true Lightning never strikes twice, as they always get their target first pass!


Photos and text by Angelo M Picardo