1/48 Harriers

by Robert Foster



For my first submission, I decided to share a few of my Harriers with you guys.  The number of built and unbuilt 1/48 scale Harriers that I have (currently standing at 7 built and 4 unbuilt) should be an indication of how much I love these aircraft and I hope you enjoy them.  The three presented here include: GR.5 ZD410, GR.9 ZG860 and T.8 ZB604.

The GR.5 is the Hasegawa kit and resulted from a long online search.  It was built and painted mostly OOB, although I have added some photo-etch parts from the Eduard collection including harnesses and cockpit instruments. Decals are from the kit and it was airbrushed using Humbrol Enamels before being finished with a coat of Gloss Varnish.

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The GR.9 started life as a Hasegawa GR.7, but was converted with the addition of some Model Alliance decals and GBU-12's from Weapons Set D, painted (by hand and without masking) to represent Paveway IV training rounds.  It features harnesses scratch built from styrene sheet, was brush-painted with Humrol Enamels and has Model Alliance decals for the correct numbering.  The model is based on some photos I found of ZG860 flying in this configuration from Warton, although I later discovered that the LERX is incorrect (should be the 100% LERX) and I am also missing a pair of fairings from the upper fuselage.  Nevertheless I am very happy with the outcome of this build, and it came third in the Warkwickshire and Birmingham Wing Field Day staff modelling competiton last summer.

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The T.8 was built using the Heritage Aviation resin conversion and was my first foray into resin, resin conversion, vac-form canopies and airbrushing.  I think it came out quite well don't you?  I was a little intimidated to start with, but the conversion is actually very simple, although I had one or two fit problems, particularly inside the forward fuselage where the seats took a little work to fit, and where there is a horrendous joint-line, although a little styrene sheet sorted that out.  I put these down to my inexperience, but if does not detract from the model.  Paint was airbrushed Humbrol gloss black and the decals are Model Alliance, although the 899 NAS 'fist' is incorrect.  The correct 'fists' managed to get crumpled up and knackered during application, so it was rescued with the larger version from the 1993 Squadron anniversary celebrations (that are included in the conversion kit). It was finished with a coat of gloss varnish and I feel it represents the gloss finish of the real thing quite well.


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Photos and text by Robert Foster