1/72 Airfix Douglas DC-3

 by Björn Bäcklund


  Sweden National Day 2007 


Even though this model has Norwegian registration it fits in this Swedish theme I'm trying to do. This aircraft is now the beautiful "Daisy" of Flygande Veteraner in Sweden.  She started her life in military service during WW2 and after the war was converted to an airliner for the Norwegian DNL (Det Norske Luftfartsselskap). DNL later became a part of SAS and this is how my model is built. After the SAS years Daisy was transfered to the Swedish airline Linjeflyg where she served for three years.  Now it is 1960.  Daisy once again does military service.  She is in the Swedish Airforce until 1982 when she is sold to some enthusiasts who one year later sell her to Flygande Veteraner  where she still remains.

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The model is the Airfix reboxing of the Italeri kit.  It was built straight from the box with decals from the Danish firm Stoppel.  It is painted with Tamiya "rattle cans".


Photos and text © by Björn Bäcklund