1/48 Revell Hawker Typhoon

by Claus Gustafsen


D-Day Anniversary 2007


This is my model of a bubbletop Hawker Typhoon. It's the Revell Cardoor kit with Paragon's conversion. Repositioned rudder and elevators. New scratched flaps to show them open.
Decals are a mix of kit decals and spares box. The model shows a Typhoon on the night before the invasion. Invasion stripes are roughly painted on and rockets are loded,  but not connected.
Most of yor are familiar with the "Tiffies" that flew low lewel rocket attacks during the invasion.
The kit is an old Revell with raised details, fit is resonable, but some minor issues has to be attended to.

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The kit has the correct fishplates for strengthening the tail and the outline is pretty good. I used the cockpit parts from Paragon, and they are a great improvement over the old kit parts. Paragon also provides rockets and rails that were added under the wings. Revell has prepared for these, and their position is marked inside the lower wing and can easily be opened in the correct place. One thing about the kit, that I didn't like is that the moulds are prepared for a bubbltop with an incertion in the fuselage parts, and that gives a mould line that's very visible on both sides of the fuselage.

The Hawker Typhoon MN150 / PR-P flew with 609 squadron from early 1944 til december the same year. I chose to do a plane that was already in service,  so it would be worn and the invasion stribes crude. There's so many kits with decals for the stripes, and the look just to neat for my taste.
As shown most serials and squadron codes are covered by the stripes, and the squadron code are brush painted on the tail.
For comparison I included DN323 that flew tropical trials, this kit is almost OOB, and also P5219 the original version of the Hawker Tornado prototype.


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Photos and text by Claus Gustafsen