1/24 Trumpeter Me-109 G6

 by Alex Kontiveis



This time I was surprised!!! Whoever designed the Me-109 G6 kit parts for the Trumpeter must be a crazy guy dedicated to Me’s!!!

The kit is excellent. Even if you decide to build it straight from the box the result will be perfect. The kit includes almost everything, very detailed parts, and only the very experienced modelers will discover additions or changes to be made. The kit is highly recommended since it comprises very simple construction and perfect fit.

It’s up to you to improve the particular model with extras, such as Verlinden resin cockpit set, Eduard photo etched seatbelts and resin wheels; in addition, many decals sets for your beloved theme already exist in 1/24 scale.

You can already have a look at Chris Evans FANTASTIC BUILD, who used the above. His final result is amazing! (congratulations Chris)


Here in Greece we are not so lucky, with extras!  We have to order them from abroad and wait for a long time to receive them.  So I worked once again at scratch-building everything and no aftermarket resin or photoetched parts (except those that Trumpeter gives for the flaps and the ailerons) were used during the construction. All the extras were made using plastic sheet, metal, aluminium, solder and copper wire, stretched sprue etc, according to the plans of the actual aircraft found on the Internet and many books.

Great thanks to my friend Thanos Mentzelopoulos for providing various information.

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I will not make a detailed reference about the construction, but as you can see, the improvements are obvious.  I decided to paint it in “Hauptmann Anton Hackl” scheme.  I know guys… the under engine panel was yellow, but I like the red color!!!  I just wanted to work on detail not following Trumpeter’s color instructions only.


Cockpit: All the switches and levers, plus electric panels and pilot’s harness are scratch build.  Take a close look at Pilot’s sweet girl!!!


Engine: Although this kind of engine seems quite simple, it is actually very difficult to represent accurately. Many extras added, replacements done, according to the photos of the real one.


Wheels’ well: The only conversion was the replacement of the suspension bracket with metal tube and the addition of leather and the two holes of the well.


Canopy: Very detailed mechanisms, all of them scratch-built.


Painting: I used enamel colors for the whole construction and weathering is done with pastel chalks.


Whoever has questions is welcome to contact me!  I hope you enjoy a Me-109 vs. Thano’s excellent Greek Hurricane!!!


My next project will be a highly detailed white Zero Sen in 1/24 scale coming in September (still needs hard work…)


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Photos and text © by Alex Kontiveis