Edy Ong's 1/48 ROCAF Collection - Part 3

by Rico "Forge" Maula



These are F-86s in Edy Ong's collection. The first is a heavily modified Hawk kit of an F-86D.  It was done before the Revell kit.  The gears, wheel wells & doors, rocket launchers and air brakes were scratchbuilt.  The missile pylon were also scratch built while the missile themselves came from Hasegawa's.  The drop tanks are from the Hawk kit.  The slats and flaps were cut and dropped.  The cockpit was from a Monogran F-86E kit. Finally the whole aircraft was scribed.  Decals are from AFV club and the spares box.  

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The next  three are F-86Fs are from Monogram.  They were done when Hasegawa and Academy were not yet on the market, All three were scribed.  All markings (with exception of numbers & data, roundels,TFW insignia and shark mouth for the third aircraft) are painted including the checkered ones.    


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Photos and text by Rico "Forge" Maula