1/48 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Type 52

by Ermanno Bonafin



The kit is an Hasegawa #JT70 with the addition of the Eduard set #49217 for cockpit, flaps, seat belts and some engine details. I add also the Squadron canopy for display in open position.

The chipped paint effect was archived by priming the model with Gunze Mr. surfacer 1000 followed by a coat of Gunze acrylic H8 silver and painting the model with H36 Dark Green. Once these are dried, carefully scraping with tape or #11 blade the top coat to reveal the aluminum below. Gunze H61 IJN gray for the undersurfaces and H63 Metallic Blue green for the interiors of flaps and wheel-wells. All control surfaces were masked for avoid any chipping as are fabric covered. The pitot was made with two Micromeca tube.

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The marking are for the Zero of the 302nd Naval Flying Group flow by Ensign Sadaaki Akamatsu.

My best regards.


Photos and text by Ermanno Bonafin