Scratch-built 1/72 BICh 7a

 by Gabriel Stern



The flying parable of Boris Ivanovich Cheranovsky.
   Previously on these pages you have seen a similar creation of this innovative designer, the BICh 14, a twin engine transport.
   Here is one predecessor, another parabola wing, a bit smaller (could carry just two comrades) that I got somehow lost in my archives –it was made about the same time of its companion, almost three years ago-.

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   A bit sloppy but still charming, the model resembles the original of which not much info is around –my excuse, anyway-.
    Yes, it flew, having some trouble with the engine but otherwise pretty good in performance. Not much came out of it, though.

   If you think that this was 1932, and also considered the Russian winter, only admiration can be felt.
A singular machine that could well have been included by Andrei Tarkovsky in “Solaris” –by the way, the original one-.


Photos and text © by Gabriel Stern