1/72 Hasegawa F-4E(S)

by sentry30



Although only 3 F-4E(S) where built for the IDF/AF, I think this is one of the most scale-built Israeli Phantom's!  I started off with the Hasegawa/Aero Dancing F-4EJ Kai.  I used this box because it provided me with a "slotted and non-slatted" F-4E. Further, I used the Eagle Designs resin F-4E(S) camera nose (# 72-CK-07), some Eduard PE, and the AAR-probe that comes with the Hasegawa IDF/AF F-4E (Box # 00297).  Decals used  were from both Sky's Decal and Cutting Edge, both do Hebrew stencils.  I prefered the Sky's Decal, but a significant triangular decal for the camerabay is missing...

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Ailerons and rudder where removed, to be replaced again in a different position. Also the original nose was cut off and replaced with the resin nose.  The resin nose is not 100% acurate, and the "camera's" are very poorly detailed (even worse than the Hasegawa 1/72 RF-4 camera's!), but then again, this nose is far over 10 years old, and long oop now... The windows for the camera's were made using Kristal Klear.
On the root of the slats some (ESM ?) bumps were scratchbuilt, and the centerline fueltank was slightly modified. The wingpylons are used to carry chaff/flare, though for real the Israeli's also use chaff/flare boxes carried in the aft Sparrowbays. I did not succeed in scratch building these...


Paints used: Humbrol H118, H121 and H120. Extra Color X149 and X103. The paints where scaled down by adding some white paint.  For the aft area I used both Humbrol Metal Cote and Alclad paints.
I hope you like it !


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Photos and text by sentry30