1/48 Hasegawa Phantom F-4J 


by Angelo M Picardo



One of the first models I built, oh so many years ago, was Revell's 1/72nd F-4B.  

The box art showed two F-4s in VF-102 "Diamond Backs" Markings and that was enough for me to part with my pocket money.

Ever since then, I have promised myself that I would build another F-4 in Diamond Backs markings, as I have had a soft spot for those markings, and the F-4. 

The opportunity recently arose and here is the result.

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The kit is a Hasegawa F-4J, with an excellent resin and photo etched cockpit from Aires, who also provided the exhaust cans, and seamless intakes come from Cutting Edge.

The Cutting Edge intakes are moulded integraly with the intake shrouds which feature raised panel lines opposed to the kit's engraved ones so, I decided to cut away the resin intakes and fit them to the kit's shrouds.

It was a fiddly job, but it was worth it.

The decals are from Cutting Edge and are excellent.

This was a trip down memory lane and I enjoyed it thoroughly!


Photos and text by Angelo M Picardo