1/48 ESCI Alpha Jet E

 by Chee Wee, SIm



This model is an old 1/48 Esci kit. The cockpits from the kit are basic so I have added a pair of legend resin ejection seats and added some scratch built parts inside the canopy.

There is not much a problem putting the parts together with the normal filling of some gaps, filing and sanding works. The model was painted with dark grey paint. Due to the old age of the decals, I cut out the Esci logo on the corner of the decal and run a test on it.  As I expected, the decal started to break up when it hit the water.  I applied a thin layer of future on the rest of the decal, let it dry for a day or two and it worked fine after that.

Hope you like it.

Chee Wee

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Photos and text by Chee Wee, SIm