Phil Hastie does Canada

Meets Alvis at Local Hobby Shop

by Steve Bamford



I was pleasantly surprised by a visit from Phil Hastie.  We got together with his lovely wife for lunch at Samuels before Phil and I hit the local hobby shop....BC Shavers & Hobbies, while Phil's wife went shopping elsewhere.  BC Shavers & Hobbies is my local hobby shop and  a darn fine shop it is with a good variety of kits and aftermarket items.  As good luck would have it....Alvis was working at the hobby shop that day and Phil got to meet the legendary "What-if modeler" and all around nice guy.  Alvis was too shy to get his photo taken with us....but he did take the above photo.  The selection of Ultra Cast resin had Phil thumbing through the resin items like a man on a mission.  

Watching Phil sifting through all the resin and decals made realize that some parts of our little blue planet don't have quite the variety of resin that us North Americans are blessed with in abundance.  Phil and I also checked out the Dutch Bakery as no trip to Victoria BC is complete without a sampling of their tasty pastries.  We also hit a camera shop, but the suddenly high Canuck Buck and equally high prices helped convince Phil he's better off trying a different country for camera goods at the current time.  All in all it was a darn enjoyable afternoon.


Photos and text by Steve Bamford