1/32 Hasegawa Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6

“White 2”

by Luc Janssen




This is a very accurate kit, so I did not have to add many new details.  Apart from the landing gear, where I added the typical brake lines and the tie-down hooks, in the gear bays some holes were drilled out and the canvas protection covers were added.

For the cockpit detailing, I used the Cutting Edge Bf 109G-6 Super Detailed Cockpit, which gives the appearance of the real thing after painting, dry brushing and weathering.  The harness was cut out of lead blade, sanded and bent in the right form where after the buckles were installed.  The handgrips in the corners of the windshield were foreseen and the opening handles for the canopy were added as well.

The diorama is a snow base made with flower sugar.  To get more dynamism, I scraped some tire tracks and I added two fuel drums and a maintenance box.  

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This was based on photographs of Bf 109G-6 s in Russia, where different types of winter washes were used.  First I painted the model in the normal camo-style with the complete markings, stencilling, etc.  Then, as did the Germans during the winter in Russia, I sprayed the white winter wash, in a wavy pattern, over the existing camouflage.  Some stencilling were over sprayed, some were carefully covered.

As always, I used Testors – Model Master Paints and the varnish was from Microscale.



Once the white wash was applied, I carefully sanded away the leading edges of the wings and the parts of the plane where the white wash would disappear first, to get the weathered effect of a fighter being in action for some time.  Some airflow strains and dirt patches were added using different tones of pastel powder.  


  • Aero Detail 5 – Messerschmitt Bf 109G
  • Hasegawa Corporation – Modeller’s Eye Series 3 - Bf 109G-6
  • Squadron/signal publications – Messerschmitt Bf 109G (part 2) in action
  • Jochen Prien & Peter Rodeike – Bf 109 F, G & K series


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Photos and text © by Luc Janssen