1/48 Denel Cheetah C

 by Jason Storey



Greetings from Australia! This is my model of the Denel Aviation Cheetah C.  It is a conversion of the Heller Mirage III/C kit using the Spinners of South Africa resin conversion kit.  Converting the Mirage to the Cheetah involved cutting off the wing leading edges, tail pipe and fin fairing.  Additions include canards, nose section (including cockpit and ejection seat), ventral fairing with chaff / flare dispenser, gear doors and decals (obviously).  The Spinners kit is outstanding with everything needed (resin and photo etch) to convert the Mirage into this wonderful aircraft.

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I originally did aircraft 342 but, due to fat fingers and clumsiness, I changed to aircraft 366. Note: aircraft 342 became the Cheetah C known as "Spotty" when it gained the commemorative colour scheme for the S.A.A.F. 75th anniversary in 1995.

Overall I am very happy with the outcome of the model.

Hope you like it.


Photos and text by Jason Storey