1/48 Heller Apha-Jet A

by Karel Sláma



Here are some pictures of my 1/48 Heller Apha-Jet A that belonged to the JaBoG-41 at Husum AFB, Germany in1986.  The Alpha-Jet was to be jointly developed by Dornier in Germany (A-version for Air support) and Dassault-Brequet in France (E-version for Ecole).  This aircraft reached the speed of Mach 0,7 at an altitude of 25 000 feet.  Distance for take off is 320m and for landing 500m. The Alpha-Jet is not only capable of achieving advanced training flights but is also able to perform tactical support missions. 

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The German Federal Republic acquired the Alpha-Jet of A-version on January 1974.  Its external appearence differed from the French E-version by a pointed front which did not have anti-roll keels and ending with the Pitot tube .The groups of Luftwaffe equipped by Alpha-Jets were JaBoG 41(Husum), 43(Oldenburg), 49(Furstenfeldbruck) and 44 at Beja in Portugal. 
After 14 years of service the Alpha-Jets were removed from German Air Force and were sold to various countries, notably Portugal and Thailand.


Photos and text © by Karel Sláma