1/50 Heller Puma SA-330l

by Petit James



Being a fan of Argentine air force, I constructed my first helicopter in the Argentinean contingent préfectura naval Argentina.  The puma is made from the Heller kit which is poorly equipped and lacks weapons and other electronics (antennas), which could have enriched this kit.  The box contains only version decal for the French army

Regardles of the problems with the kit, it is the only kit in this scale of market.  The letters are from another kit, the rotor head is scratch-built and the nose fuselage also.

The painting of helicopter are of blue Lufthansa 380 Revell, Humbrol 69 for the yellow color.  The rest of the model is white matt.

This helicopter served during the Falklands War in 1982 to go to help  Argentinean pilots in the Atlantic Ocean that fell victim to the British sidewinders.


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Photos and text © by Petit James