1/32 Academy CF-18

F-18C to CF-18 Conversion

by Chuck Sawyer


  Canada Day 2008 


Here’s my third contribution to ARC, the 1/32 Academy F-18C kit converted to a Canadian CF-18.  So much has been written already about the kit that I won’t bother with any build details, other than this very important one:  If you build the kit with the wing flaps down at 45 degrees and you want to mount AIM-7 Sparrow missiles next to the engines, make sure you trim the flaps to allow clearance next to the fuselage.  I found out the hard way that there is zero clearance, so I had to trim the flaps while they were already painted and mounted on the wings.  Not fun!  

I used the Black Box F-18A resin conversion set and Leading Edge decals to complete the kit.  Paint used was Model Master acrylics which I’ll never use again due to peeling issues when masking tape is used.  Still, it turned out pretty good overall.

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I used the kit dash instead of the BB one.  It really is great the way it is out of the box….


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It will sit here in a place of current honor until my next project is done, which is the 1/32 Tamiya F-4J Phantom II.  At about 4 months per plane and summer coming, this could take awhile!


Photos and text © by  Chuck Sawyer