1/48 Hasegawa J2M3 Raiden

by Tony Feredo



Mitsubishi J2M3 "Raiden"  ("81-124" s/n 3008)
381st Kokutai, Japanese Navy Air Force
Captured at Dewey Boulevard
Manila, Philippines on Feb 20, 1945
Here is my Hasegawa J2M3  "Jack" in 1/48 scale.  The model was built straight out of the box.  The under surface was painted with my home brew mix of Mitsubishi IJN Grey using Gunze Mr. Color paints.  For the upper surface, I used Mr. Color # 124 for the Mitsubishi Dark Green.  The anti-glare was painted with Mr. Color # 125

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I used the kit supplied hinomarus and tail numbers.  They responded well with Mr. Mark Softer.  Once the decals were dry, the model as given a wash and then  weathering was applied.

Although the 381st Kokutai was not officially assigned in the Philippines, this particular aircraft, together with another J2M3 "Jack" captured at nearby Nichols Field could have been "stragglers", under maintenance or were "in transit" to join their unit which was based at Balikpapan, Borneo when they were captured.  When the aircraft was found at Dewey Boulevard -(Dewey Blvd. was used as an emergency runway when Nichols Field was frequently being bombed),  the tail codes have been overpainted and some parts were already missing or "cannibalized" for spares or souvenirs.  I decided to model the aircraft when it was still in its flying state.

Cheers and Happy Modeling!


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Photos and text by Tony Feredo