1/48 Monogram CC-129 Dakota Pt.2

by Shawn "Phantom" Weiler


  Canada Day 2008 


This is the Monogram AC-47 which was just re-released in the last couple months.  A guy at work saw my 2005 Canada Day Dakota and wanted me to build another one for his Dad who flew them after the war.

As you can see I added my old model to the photos.

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All the standard Dakota parts to build the Canadian plane come in the box with the exception of the air vents which I added using shaped bits of sprue and the bottom antenna.  The decals are again from Leading Edge.  The only difference between this new build and the one I did a few years ago are the airframe number (12939 as opposed to 12938) and a few less antenna.  As 939 was a pure cargo aircraft as opposed to a former navigation trainer as 938 was.


Happy Canada Day.

Photos and text by Shawn Phantom Weiler