1/48 Hobby Boss Mirage III CZ

“Black Widow”

by Heinrich Spangenberg



The Black and Gold SAAF museum aircraft is over 35 years old. It can climb to 36 000 ft and reach Mach 2 over a shorter distance and several minutes faster than any other SAAF aircraft currently in service. The afterburner has a firm kick as a mule. It was the SAAF’s first delta-winged Mirage III CZ (no.800) and took to the air for the first time in 1963. This aircraft operated in the harsh air combat environment up to 10.5 G-loads without popping a single rivet. It still performs unrestricted aerobatic maneuvers including a spectacular vertical stand.

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The kit that were used are a 1/48 Hobby Boss Mirage III C, No. 80315. It went together without any major problems. Paints that were use were mostly Humbrol gloss black and Alclad 2 Pale gold lacquer. Most of the pale gold was airbrushed in after extensive masking. An aftermarket seat and some lead wire were also used during the construction. Decals were custom made and can be acquired form MAV Decals (http://www.mav.co.za/), other SAAF decals can also be acquired from there.

Below is some photo’s of my work station and display cabinet. 

I would like to dedicate the model to “Pottie” (pilot), SAAF ground crew and my Lovely fiancée Lana.


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Photos and text © by Heinrich Spangenberg