1/48 Tamiya A-1J

by Jim Birchfield



This is the Tamiya A-1J built OOB. Additions included the cover over the Yankee Extraction System made with a piece of Kleenex placed over the area and soaked in a 50-50 soultion of water and Elmer's white glue.  The antenna mount next to the cockpit is not included in the kit but is prominently displayed on the box. It was fabricated from cut sprue, filed to a tear-drop shape, sanded, and drilled for the antenna, which is also stretched sprue. A small piece of stretched sprue was also added to the opening adjacent the cockpit for the emergency release handle. This handle protrudes and is visible when the canopy is open. Model Master paints were used to airbrush the model. A mix of umber and black were applied thinned with Turpenol so as to create a tinted thinner then applied to all panel lines. Heavier applications were applied to the drop tank were the engine oil would drop and where fuel would seap from the centerline tank. A pilot once told me that if no fresh oil was visible on the drop tank, he wouldn't fly the aircraft. RBF flags were placed on all ordnance which is from the kit. Stretched sprue was used for all the arming wires. The entire kit was dry brushed with oils, MM paints and pastel chalk was used for the exhaust stains.


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Photos and text by Jim Birchfield