1/48 Trumpeter Westland Wyvern S.4 (late)

by Jeff Brundt



The Wyvern was a British carrier based attack aircraft used during the 1950's. It was the last fixed wing aircraft to be built by Westland before they switched to helicopter production. Initially designed to carry a torpedo, it was found that the payload weight was just too great to prove  effective when operating off a carrier. The aircraft's most distinguishing feature is the huge contra-rotating propeller, powered by a Armstrong Siddeley Python turboprop engine. The Wyvern's claim to fame was during the 1956 Suez crisis.
Until Trumpeter introduced this kit the only choice was either the Dynavector vacu-form kit or the Classic Airframes injected one. Neither of those was what you would call an easy build. Trumpeter has changed all that. The kit is a pleasure to build. You have the option of building the kit with the wings folded or open. Building them in the open condition requires a bit of care with the fold seam. If you first join the outer section to it's respective side (separately doing the upper wing then the lower) and then join the upper to lower (full span wing) it helps alleviate a lot of the problems with gaps.

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I built my kit almost OOB and only added the NeoMega resin seat. You can't see much detail in the cockpit anyway since it's all black but the resin seat is a nice addition. The model was pre-shaded with Tamiya flat black and then painted with Aeromaster acrylics. The kit decals were used (including the back and yellow 'Operation Musketeer' stripes). The stripes require a bit of care but settle very well with Microsol and Solvaset. Touch-up of the yellow on the stripes is easy since Aeromaster's RLM-04 is a dead match for it. 

Once the model is painted all the weapons, misc details and landing gear can be added. The prop is actually geared to counter-rotate and thusly can be positioned how you choose (much nicer than the CA kit where you only have one position). The model was given a final coat of flat, clear acrylic and proclaimed done. The Wyvern has always been an intriguing aircraft and its looks grow on you. I'm proud to say this model took first place in its category last year at the IPMS West Plains contest.

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Photos and text by Jeff Brundt