1/48 Heritage Aviation FMA IA-58 Pucará

by Alfonso Pereira


Argentina Independence Day 2008


This is the Pucará kit from Heritage Aviation in 1:48 scale.  If you want to build a Pucará in this scale, this is the only game in town.  The kit is mainly resin, with white metal landing gear and a one-piece vacuform canopy.  I built the model mostly stock OOB, but did make some small modifications, for instance, I sawed the canopy to display it in the open position.  I also added hydraulic lines to the landing gear, made with fine copper wire; and aerials made with one pound monofilament.  

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The base was made from scrap wood, painted with textured paint for that ‘marble’ look.  The wheel chock is made with half-round styrene stock with wire mesh for the tread pattern.  The boarding ladder was scratchbuilt with solder and wire, based on pictures found on the internet.

Overall I’m happy with the results, and I finally have a model of this cool Argentinian COIN aircraft to add to my collection of 1:48 airplanes.


Photos and text © by Alfonso Pereira