1/48 Hasegawa F4S

by Sam Chia



This is my 1/48 scale Hasegawa F4S done up in VF103 markings. I really like those late navy F4S schemes but have had quite a bit of difficulty in capturing the subtle shades of grey and the usually heavy weathering. This is about the 3rd attempt at this subject and I’m quite happy with it. The model is mostly OBO except for the addition of Cutting Edge intakes and main wheels, resin exhaust cans from Eagle Designs and resin cockpit parts from one of Blackbox’s IPMS Nats grab bags.

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The model was finished in Gunze Sangyo colors and weathered with an oil wash and squirts of more touch up paint patches here and there. The decals are from old Superscale sheets of various F4 markings because I had some difficulty with getting the right shade of grey either because my original paint coat was not toned down enough or the grey markings were not dark enough. I did go thru quite a few sheets and markings from several sources before I got the right shade.

The model took about 4 months of very part-time work to finish. The amateur photography was done with a Canon Rebel Xsi in settings I cannot now remember.


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Photos and text © by Sam Chia