1/48 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt


by Alan Williamson



Kit: Tamiya 1/48 P-47D Razorback 61086

Additions: Ultracast P-47 Thunderbolt Seats 48017


I brought this kit from Calum and when it arrived in the post with a few other kits, I was quick to inspect the kit. The detail on the kit is great just as one would expect from Tamiya.  However I noticed that there was no detail on the control panel, the thought crossed my mind to get an after market cockpit from Craig, but instead I opted to use the decals for the control panel. It was the first time I had used decals on an control panel which turned out so well. I first painted the control panel gloss black then applied the control panel decal with some Polly Scale decal softening solution 505401 which really made to decal sink into the panel. Once the decal was set, I airbrushed a coat of gloss clear over the panel. Now it was time to move onto building the cockpit, I used Model Master cockpit green, and then painted the throttle box and switches in flat black. I finished up going over the cockpit with a dry brush of sliver and I  then used Tamiya's weathering master set B to dirty up the cockpit. The rest of the kit went together with little trouble and minimal putty. I decide to send Craig at Aeroworks an E-mail and order the Ultracast P-47 Seats which comes in a pack of two, so I have one spare for the second P-47.  The Ultracast Seats look great and add some much needed detail to the cockpits, I ended up ordering a hole bunch of Ultracast seats for some of my other kits.  With most of the kit built it was time to paint.

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Picture 03 and 04 show the kit cockpit which isn't bad, Tamiya cockpit are normally quite good.  Although I believe that Tamiya could improve the cockpit a little more by adding detail to the control panel.


My usual method was to use Model Master paints aluminium first followed up with Olive Drab 34087 and Neutral Grey FS3621 with a little Humbrol Gloss red for the nacelle and tail fin. Once the paint was dry and set, I used some gritty wet rub paper and attacked the surface of the kit in certain places, when I was happy with the affect I airbrushed the entire kit in Humbrol gloss clear. 


I decided to use the kit decals of Lt. Frank Kibbe of the 56th FG, 61st FS, Halesworth UK. March 1944.  With the decals set in place I covered the kit in an other coat of clear, followed up with a pastel wash to high light the panel lines and to dirty up the kit. It was now time to cover the entire kit in matt clear to seal in the pastel, I then pulled out the Tamiya weathering set and added some stains on the wings, wheel wells and behind the cowling, with a some more matt clear to seal it in.  I then preceded to finish off the kit wheels, cockpit window, drop tank and ordnance.  The staff car is from Tamiya Limited Edition kit 89732 P-51D Mustang and U.S. Army Staff Car that Claum got hold for me.  Calum also got a hold of the Limited Edition kit 89754 U.S Army Infantry At Rest and P-47D Thunderbolt which I'm looking forward to building.  Both those kits were cheaper than a standard 1/48 Tamiya kit in the local Hobby shop.


Calum for the ordering the kit for me drop Calum a line from anywhere in Australia atgib@gibstuff.net  for some great priced kits, and other modelling goodies or check out his web site  at www.gibstuff.net/models Calum beats the price on the Hobby shops.

Craig at Aeroworks for the paint and Ultracarst seats. Drop Craig a line from anywhere around the glob for a hot list what's on offer for your modelling needs at aeroworks@iprimus.com.au

Steve Bamford for his great and tireless work


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Photos and text by Alan Williamson