1/48 Aconcagua AT-63 Pampa II

by Jeremias Nicolas Luchina



Hi there modelers!  this is my latest build, a Pampa II

The real thing is a two seat trainer designed in Argentina by the F.M.A. in the ´80 as the IA-63 Pampa.

Nowdays an improved version with new avionics and weapons systems is produced by Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina with the AT-63 Pampa II denomination.

Some Characteristics are:

  • Length: 10,93 Mts

  • Wing span: 9,68 Mts

  • Engine: Turbofan Garrett TFE731-2-2N

  • Max speed: 819 Km/h

  • Range: 730 Miles

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The model is manufactured in resin with P.E vacuformed and with metals parts.

The quality is up to Aconcagua´s high standard with great detail, almost no bubbles and a reasonable good fit, but some details in the landing gear bays will be great.

Construction was straightforward, with only a few gaps to fill, but as with any limited run kit, careful test fitting is a must.  I had few problems with the vacuformed canopy but nothing to serious.  The only addition I made was some 'pipes' lines here and there, mostly in the gear bays to show something in there.

I finished the plane as the unit E-809 in service with the Argentinian Air Force using some Humbrol´s and custom mixed paints to match the colours on the real bird.  After all the painting was dry I sprayed a coat of clear gloss and the model was ready for the decals.  The decals was a bitter/sweet surprise, all were in perfect register and you can read all the tiny stencils included, but silvered badly and the refuse to stick in place.

A coat of clear flat sealed all and the last task involved glue all the antennas and some 'Static dischargers' (I don´t know the real name) made of nylon monofilament.

The model was fun to build and it looks great on the shelf next to his little 1/72 brother.


Photos and text © by Jeremias Nicolas Luchina