1/72 Intech Me-262B-1a

by Frontpenny Wenjin Xu



No one would deny the fame born by the Me-262 as the first combat jet fighter in WWII. That motivated me to build a kit of this. 

There might be lots of choices to build a single-seated Me-262 in the market, however, that might not be the case where you decide to bulid a twin-seated version in 72nd scale, so far as I know, only Revell/Hasegawa have released twin-seater version neither of which is available in my place. 

I happened to get a twin-seated Me-262B-1a from a local hobby dealer who normally has lots of stuff imported from east Europe.  The kit was made by Intech, a Polish company. The overall shape of the kit was OK to me, the main drawback was that it has raise panel-lines and its detail in the landing gear bay is just normal.

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Building this kit, first of all, all panel-lines were changed to recess ones, the antenna offered was replaced with brass stick.

Conclusion: the Intech kit was good but might not be suitable for the beginner, I am looking forward to the kit of this subject released by Trumpeter in the right future.

Enjoy it and I can be reached by clicking the envelope at the top of this article.


Photos and text by Frontpenny Wenjin Xu