1/72 Revell Martin B-26B

by Konley Kelley



Hello ARC!

I haven't posted anything in awhile.  I went back to school earlier this year and haven't been able to model.  I'm on a break from school now.  As some of you may know, I am a lucky guy.  The famous Squadron Mail Order is about a mile from my house.  I went to their annual Open House a few weeks ago.  I also did a presentation on Photoshop Dioramas at IMPS-NCT ScaleFest the same weekend.

At the Squadron, I found Zotz decals.  At home, I had a 1:72 Revell Martin B-26B Marauder.  I may have bought this kit on eBay (I can't remember).  The decals were bad.  Zotz decals are awesome.  I picked up Zotz B-26 Marauders set for 1:72 scale.  There were some good choices.  I picked a bomber "Faith - Prelude to Victory."  It was voted the best nose art on a medium-sized bomber in WW2.

The kit was a pretty easy build.  I had a leftover 1:72 Legend B-17 crewman.  He looks good in the cockpit which is quite visible through the B-26 canopy.  I added a few other details (fire extinguisher, electrical panel, etc.).

Painting was Olive Drab with Medium Green blotches and Naval Aggressor Grey underneath.

The pics I've seen of bombers like the Marauder always depict an aircraft that is pretty worn, so I weathered her up quite a bit.  If you fly through a cloud of smoke, you get dirty.

I scanned the web for an industrial-looking backdrop. I didn't want anything too modern but also planned to cover a lot of it with smoke. The image I found looked industrial and could sub for a German factory. Well...the industrial pic in the background is....Chernobyl.

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Photos and text by Konley Kelley