1/32 21st Century Toys Bf-109F-4/B

by Ben Taggart



This is my first 'real' plane model on ARC (the last one was a sci-fi entry for Silly Week).  I built this model in 2007 for a club build, but didn't finish it in time for the contest. 1/32 isn't my typical scale (I usually do 1/72), so the toy-like panel lines really took me by surprise. They did hold a sludge wash well, though! This kit was an enjoyable, simple build, and I'm sorry that the 21st C.T. kits have become so hard to find in recent months.

The model uses the kit decals for Oblt. Frank Liesendahl, Staffelkapitan, 10.(Jabo)/JG 2, early 1942. With the bomb on board, he is about to attack some unfortunate English ships in the channel. The kill marks on the tail say he has already gotten more than one.


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Photos and text by Ben Taggart