1/48 Hasegawa Messerschmitt

Bf-109 G6/AS

  by Raul Corral



Hi All!

Here you have some pictures of my Me or Bf 109 G-6/AS (Hasegawa), in 1/48 scale.  It was in reality a Me 109 G-10 of the NJG 11 but with a little help of a cutter/knife, photo etched seatbelts and some fine sandpaper I created a homemade conversion to a Me 109 G-6/AS (saving me some money from buying conversion kits!).

All the steps of the construction and painting can be followed in my www.webmodelismo.com (in Spanish but with soooo many pictures that everyone can follow easy all the steps!)

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The pilot of this Messerschmitt was Captain Ludwig-Wilhelm Burckhardt, from the unit III/JG 1, flying "Reichsverteidigung" missions while defending the homeland Germany, in 1944. In this aircraft painted overall in RLM 76 he shot down six Mustangs, five Thunderbolts and one Lightning... at the end of the war he had 69 confirmed victories.

Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures.



Photos and text by Corral