1/48 Hobby Boss F/A-18C 

"Golden Dragons"

by Scott Vomacka



This is the Hobby Boss 1/48 F/A-18C Hornet with Two Bobs decals. Some people will trash this kit because it is a Hasegawa copy.  However it builds into a nice model, with a little work.  Here is what I did to make the kit more accurate....

  • The kit seat is not that great.  So I used a seat from a Monogram Hornet.  I also added sidewall detail, although it is hard to see.  The HUD is also from the Monogram kit.
  • I did not like the wheel rim/hub detail on the kit parts. So I used the wheels from a Monogram Hornet instead. Looks much better!
  • The nose gear scissor link on the HB kit is too long. So I shortened it with just a few cuts with my knife. Now it looks more like the real thing.
  • The tops of the tail fins were too "round", so I sanded them for a more "flat" appearance.
  • The flaps are molded and assembled in the "up" position. I wanted them down, so I carefully "bent" them to the desired position.
  • The wing folds are from Wofpack Designs and are FANTASTIC. The kit leading edge flaps would not fit the resin wingfolds, so I scratch built them out of sheet stock. They fit perfectly.
  • The intake covers are from Steel Beech and needed a little adjustment to get them to fit properly.  The covers on the intake splitter plates are made from tape.
  • The radar is from Aires and also fit good.
  • I used Eduard RBF tags on the hook, gear and wing fold locking pins.

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The model was painted with Model Master Acryl. I first airbrushed the bottom Light Ghost Gray. Then I brush painted the top with Dark Ghost Gray. After this I brush painted the spine and tails Blue Angels Blue. Then I gloss coated the model for decaling.

The decals are from Two Bobs and worked GREAT! No problems at all with silvering, and no bleed through of the blue paint.

With a little work, I think the HB kit can be made to look like the Hasegawa at half the price. (You can get the kit at a GOOD price at Lucky Models) When you put the finished model next to a Hasegawa kit, it is hard to tell the difference. The kit gave me no fit issues and went together well. With a little work the Hobby Boss Hornet can be made into a real winner!


Photos and text by Scott Vomacka