1/72 Zvezda Mig-23MLD

by Jeffrey Leung



Here are some pictures of my 1:72 Zvezda Mig-23MLD. 

I built this kit OOB with no detailing and it's just an exercise for me to improve my camoflague techniques / airbrushing skills.  I didn't use any paint mask and I wanted to paint the camo freehand.  Since most people want to know how to do camo freehand and how to use Mr.Color paint, the following describes my techniques:

1.    First, I paint the model all black which will provide nice outline of the color difference in the camo.

2.   Mix Mr. Color Paint, using 1 part of paint, 1 part of Mr.Color Thinner and 1/4 part of Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.  The Mr. Leveling Thinner prevents the paint from forming a co-web when spraying from the air-brush.

3.   Use 1 psi or lower to paint the camo.

4.   Paint the fading in the inner area of the camo:  Just repeat step 2-3 with 1/4 of white

5.   Use an enamel based wash to bring out the raised panel lines.

I use a badger gravity feed 200 GF which is quite good for doing camoflague.  The only other thing noted is the canopy outline.  I need to use an bigger and smaller mask and airbrush to create the tiny canopy outline mostly found in Russian aircraft such as the MiG-21 and MiG-23.  This is a time consuming process, and if anyone has a better technique, please let me know!

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It took me 2 weeks to finish this kit and I hope you like it!

With Love from Hong Kong,


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Photos and text by Jeffrey Leung