1/72 Italeri C-130H

by Vincent Yong


Malaysia 51th Merdeka Day 2008


This is an Italeri kit with raised lines, I never really build a raised line kit before (I rescribed my revell B-52)


There is a few disasters happened during the build
1. The tail seater problem, I drilled a hole under the radar dome and put in some soldering wires that were melted as weight, after putting everything in but the tail is still heavy.  I tried to heated up the solder metal inside by sticking the soldering tip inside but unfortunately the heat makes the dome area deformed....damn.

2. the small window of the right rear door almost fell in...I cut off the door again and stuck it back in, since the door is open, I mix some epoxy glue then dip some screws and then threw them in to the fuselage while holding the plane tails up, let the glue bond, just to make sure the stupid tail doesn't sits.

3 .  then another disaster, the dirty water during my wet sanding flows in and stained the main canopy, I almost cried..... Ok, never mind, since I've came this far... I cut a hole on top of the cockpit area, stick a cotton bud in and seal the hole back with plaplate.

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Painting started with preshading with black and basic camouflage done with freehand,   One main technique for freehand spraying is the pressure and the thickness paint control:
1. Air pressure must be low, around 1.2 bar, this will reduce the feathering
2. Paint must not be too thick or too thin, I dilute it around 3:7 paint thinner ratio
3. the angle of spraying, spray the outline first then fill the inner parts,
4. Dual action airbrush is a must as it can control the amount of paint.


All flaws surfaced after the paint had been touched up, seal with future and proceed with decaling.  Decals used are from VFA's decal that include our national flag: the “Jalur Gemilang”.  Final clear coat was applied as the actual plane is very glossy, this will be the first time I gloss up a plane. 



Finally the plane was complete and sen it to Our Merdeka (National Day) Exhibition organized by SFTPMS.


Thanks for viewing.



Happy 51th Merdeka Day Malaysia

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Photos and text © by Vincent Yong