1/32 Republic F-105D Thunderchief

by Peter Doll 



After having built Trumpeters huge Thud as an early version with a couple of changes and giving this bird a very shiny finish by plating the whole aircraft with simple kitchen foil, I've now completed another Thud as a late version in SEA battle dress.

This time I wanted to build a perfect Thud by correcting the wrong shaped canopy and the too pointed nose offered in Trumpeters kit. To do this I've used the Cutting Edge F-105B/D Thunderchief Open Canopy Correction Set and RC-Resins F-105D/G Nose Cone.

Trumpeters plastic landing gear was replaced by G-Factory metal landing gear to prevent that the weight of the model forces the Thud to his knees.

To increase the value of Trumpeters canopy I've used Eduards Cockpit Interior Set and the new AIRES ejection seat. And for the first time I wanted to see a pilot in my Thud, so I decided to try Masterdetails USAF Jet Pilot. I was really surprised how much realism could be put into a model by a crew in the cockpit.

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The four part speed brake is covered with kitchen foil, which I had cooked in hot water with some egg shells to create a burned metal character.  Also plated with aluminium foil are the napalm bombs on the outer pylons.

I hope you like my Thunderchief-Rollout here on ARC; comments are more than welcome!


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Photos and text by Peter Doll