1/72 Testors/Italeri RC-130A

by Charles Johnson



This is the old Testors/Italeri C-130H model with a few modifications.

Basic construction with the exception to the 2 camera bays which are cut out on the underside of the main body also added camera into rear paratrooping door way.  Props came from an old AC-130 needed the three bladed props for the A model Outboard wing tanks came from an old Fujimi CH-53 kit they worked in well on the model.

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Painting was done using Flo-quil Old silver and engine black.  Decals were custom made by a friend of mine as the MATS decals are hard to find?

So this is the finished model used by the 1370th Photo Mapping Wing.  operating out of Turner AFB Georgia U.S.A. in the Mid to late 60s.  

Special thanks goes to Terry Gust who got the model and for his help in the research enabling me to do this.  Also to Bill Paul Museum of Aviation RAFB Georgia for making the decals.

Charles Johnson

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Photos and text by Charles Johnson