1/48 Italeri Tornado GR4 

Gallery Article by Artur Oslizlo on May 12 2009



Operation Telic

The Tornado GR.Mk.4 is a last variant used today by the Royal Air Force.  This is an upgraded GR1 version with the addition of: FLIR system integrated with NVGs used by crews to permit a fully night and all-weather operational, TIALD targeting pod, new HUD and a Multi Functional Display installed in the front cockpit. GPS system is integrated with laser guided booms.

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New weapons including the "Storm Shadow" missile's, ALARM and the "Brimestone" anti-tank missile's.  I used Italeri Tornado IDS as the base - not so bad kit with nice recessed panel lines but... I am still waiting for a newly announced HobbyBoss kit. I used excellent NeOmega resin cockpit, fits perfectly.  Also many good things I can say about the Paragon front fin correction, flaps and slats and exhaust nozzles. Some PE parts from Eduard F3 were used too.

Model painted in Operation Telic markings. Plane ZG714 "Truffle Snufflers" was extensively used over Iraq in 2003 during invasion.  I did some weathering effects like scratches around panel flaps, smoke on the tail from thrust reverses and oil leaks under the rear hull part.  My model is painted as usual for me with Gunze C paints.
I hope you like it.

Artur Oslizlo

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Photos and text by Artur Oslizlo