1/32 Trumpeter F-100 D Super Sabre

by Peter Doll



F-100 D Super Sabre in backdated and corrected.

After I had published here on ARC my first aluminium plated big "HUN" some months ago, Chris from Zacto Models released a new resin nose for Trumpeter's F-100 D, which gives that model a type of  face lift  that encouraged me to build a second , and this time a perfect "HUN", which I want to show you today, after I was able to shoot some fotos of my latest model under sunny conditions.

I'm living here in Germany not too far away from Hahn Air Base, former home of the 50 TFW, USAFE and I took a lot of fotos of the Super Sabres of this unit during numerous visits to that base and I decided to build my second and corrected "HUN" in the colourful markings of the "HAHN HAWKS".

The most colourful aircraft of the 50th was F-100D-55 NH s/n 55-2950, the personal aircraft of the Wing Commander Col. C. Branbury, which carried triple colored bands with white stars around the nose and wing insignia on the center fin band of the tail.

A very interesting detail was the unusual presentation of the so called Buzz number "FW-950",  situated mid-fuselage, which had the number 9 in white and the letters "TH" added after the zero.

As already described in a previous submission, the bare metal finish of my model is created by using simple kitchen foil and I must confess, this is a pretty lot of work, but the result is unbeatable compared with a paint of silver lacquer. But the aluminium foil should only be used, when you have decided to build a particular aircraft in real bare metal operating in the late fifties,  because all USAFE Huns  later reveived a protective silver lacquer coat and the shiny aluminium foil is than unrealistic.

All decals on my model are again selfmade or brushed on, except national insignias, letters and numbers.

Early F-100's had no tail hooks, so do not use these parts of the Trumpeter Kit.

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The Zacto resin nose is beautiful detailed with rivets and panel lines and fits well; only some sanding is necessary, especially when connecting with the intake trunk. Thanks to Chris for another masterpiece of resin to solve our problems with that chinese kit.

This time I've used the Trumpeter cockpit  oob with some corrections, increasing the value of this section by using Eduard's cockpit set and the wonderful detailed AIRES ejection seat ,what is in my opinion a good combination.

All in all I must say it was again fun to build another F-100 in this big scale, which looks now like a real "HUN" and I'm happy to have one in my model collection. And telling the truth, I'm planning to give my first "HUN" the same treatment by replacing the Trumpy nose against Zacto's resin intake, but I'm scared of the lot of work on an already completed nice model. We'll see !!!!

Peter Doll

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Photos and text by Peter Doll