1/24 Airfix Spitfire MK 1A

Gallery Article by Marc Gray on May 1 2009



About a year has passed since I last submitted anything to this site, and I have finally got round to writing up this article about the Spitfire MK 1A I completed a few months back. This is only my third ever model that I have completed, and it was the discovery of this website that started me off really. Feel free to check out my other two aircraft, (1/24 Airfix Ju88 Stuka and the 1/24 Airfix Messerschmitt 109E ). But now its time for me to focus on the build of Spitfire MK 1A, which is the latest edition to my collection. 

The Build

The build took me around six months in total to complete, what with everything else I had to fit into my spare time as well.  The overall fit of the model was great with only a tiny amount of filler used on the hairline gaps of the wing joints to improve the overall appearance of the MK1A. The problem I found on my previous model was that the canopy along with the engine cowling did not fit snug at all! (big problem for me being a  tad of a perfectionist!!!), countless hours were taken up correcting this problem with careful usage of filler, and I preyed this nightmare would not return with the Spitfire... Thank heavens it didn't!  

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The trusted Humbrol enamels were used once again to provide me with a suitable coluor scheme for the Spitfire, not looking to harsh or to subtle. The only change I decided upon making was the choice of colour for the underside of the aircraft.  After doing much research on the ARC site, I noticed a few people, rather than using white for the underside of the MK1A, they used a Beige Green (Humbrol 90) which provided a great alternative, and in my opinion the colour tied in better with the entire model once completed. Again using ARC as an inspiration tool I took the time to add more of a worn and battle hardened look with the use of Humbrol 11 metalic silver to pick out paint chipping around the wing and fuselage area (pictured).  


The decals that came with the kit showing the markings of Flt. Lt. A. C. Deere D.F.C of No. 54 Fighter Squadron based at Hornchurch in 1940 proved to be very easy to work with. Once positioned on top of Humbrol Satin Finish and allowed to dry over night a further coat of Satin was applied over the top, setting the decals nicely into the recesses of the panel lines to the aircraft, providing a non-silvered finish which looked realistic and complemented the Mk1A  greatly.

Being somewhat new to this hobby and at an age of 18, I am always open to suggestions on how to improve.  Feel free to look at the pictures I have taken, and drop me an email if you wish to express your views. I'm due to start yet another Spitfire soon, this time the MK VB... and I can only hope to improve further with the comments I receive and with further use of this site for guidance by other modelers. Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures. Back to the modeling table for me!

Marc Gray

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Photos and text by Marc Gray