1/48 Hobbycraft Otter

Gallery Article by James Court on May 1 2009



In reply to Shawn Weilerís article about the Hobbycraft Otter, the hardest part Iíve found with building one is creating the double slotted flaps. All three pictured here have complete scratchbuilt interiors. I cut away and repositioned the control surfaces and lowered  the flaps to the take-off position. The amphibious floats are the kit floats, modified with bits from the scrap box. I modified the hydramatic props supplied with the kits to counterweight types, again with bits from the scrap box. The skis on AZX are scratchbuilt.

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CF-GCV is sn 001, in the colours of the first owner, Eastern Provincial Airways, ca 1960.

CF-MEX, in the colours of Eastern Provincial Airways in June of 1961. It was lost in Greenland in July of  that year following an inflight fire.

CF-AZX is the last one delivered. Itís in the colours of Les Ailes Du Nord, ca 1970.

James Court

Photos and text © by James Court