1/35 Academy/MRC AH-1W Super Cobra NTS

Gallery Article by Douglas K. L. Chan on May 1 2009



This is my first 1/35 helicopter model. I finished this one fast within six months, on and off of course. It is a nice kit, with the Eduard set. Except a little problem with the canopy, everything went smooth. I enjoyed building this one.

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At first I want to build this one simple and quick. I didn't buy the Cobra set because I wanted to have a break working the way I built my last work, 1/32 F-14B, sure you know what I meant, plastic chopping, fitting resin, panel lines and rivets......etc.. I used the Eduard set to replace the exhaust and grilles, and added more detail to the cockpit, main and tail rotors. With just a little work, the Eduard set turned the Academy kit to a gem. I used the kit seats and added photo etched harness. I prefer resin seat with cast harness. It would be a lot easier just to paint the things. The photo etched harness is a bit difficult to work with.

I believe everyone who built the TOW missile launchers out of the Eduard set would agree with me, it is almost impossible to build. I ended up building the photo etched launcher frames only. The four missiles I built from thin copper pipes. The result is satisfactory, though the length and color might not be accurate.

A major problem in the last step is that the canopy didn't fit the fuselage opening. I tried but it fit either left or right. I finally took the left and inserted a thin triangular strip to the right hand side. I dared not to force it on with CA glue because it is a clear part, worrying that it might turned white by the CA glue flumes or even break as clear parts are always brittle.

I covered the Cobra model with a glass box. It looks good as a display. This kit is highly recommended. It is fun building it.

Douglas K. L. Chan

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Photos and text by Douglas K. L. Chan