1/144 Airfix 727-200

Gallery Article by Esteban Wong R. on May 4  2009



This is my AIR PANAMA 727-100 "Cerro Ancon", in its tricolor livery, used by the middle of the 80s. 

By that time, the original Air Panama airline was owned and operated by the Panamanian government.  The tricolor livery is a remembrance of the patriotic feeling lived during that controversial period in our national history. 

During those years, I was attending senior high school.  A classmate's father, used to fly this airplane as a flight engineer. 

The model is an Airfix 727-200 in 1/144 scale.  The fuselage was cut into two sections to fit the size of a -100 version.  The decals were custom made by myself, using decal paper. 


Copyright images found at www.airliners.net from the following photographers were used as a reference.  They are: 

  • Andy Pope

  • Ger Buskermolen

  • Robert M. Campbell

  • Andrew Abshier

Special thanks to Bob Garrard, whose unique HP-619 Cerro Ancon image was used as a guide in the decal design.

Esteban Wong R.

Photos and text by Esteban Wong R.