1/48 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4

Gallery Article by Richard Calladine on May 4  2009



'Desert Storm 1991' 

My model is of a Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 (Deadly Nightshade). It is finished in the colours of Gulf War 'Desert Storm' 1991. The Squadron which the jet belongs to is number 17 of the Royal Air Force.  Originally the Squadron used the Tornado GR3 for this deployment to Muharraq Saudi Arabia, but with the 60th anniversary of Nato this year (2009) I thought it would be appropriate to bring new to old.  The kit used is the Revel 1:48 scale single seater.  The kit is excellent value for money and is put together well.  The decals were from Two Bobs model designs. http://twobobs.net/  The paint used was from Revell, Enjoy viewing.

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You can also see in this model the weapon systems. 4 x GBU 12 Advance Paveway laser guilded bombs. 4 x AIM 132 ASRAAM.
2 x AIM 120 AMRAAM (Meteor). 1 x drop tank for fuel.

Time taken- assembly 11 hours, painting 13 hours, decals 7 hours, research 2 hours, misc 1 hour, total time - 34 hours.

Richard Calladine

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Photos and text by Richard Calladine