1/48 Monogram AV-8B

Gallery Article by Serge Dompierre on May 14 2009



This is my old Monogram AV8B Super Harrier in 1/48 scale built OOTB , painted with Humbrol oil paints, decals are from the kit.

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The model is for a US Marines Super Harrier AV8-B of VMA 331 Bumblebees. On January 1985 this squadron was the first fully operational AV8B Harrier II in US Marines Corps service. 

The squadron was deployed on the USS Nassau to the Persian Gulf and eventually flew 243 sorties dropping some 256 tons of ordinance and became the first Marine Attack Squadron to conduct combat operations from a Landing Helicopter assault ship. The Squadron was deactived in October 1992.

Serge Dompierre

Photos and text by Serge Dompierre