1/48 Airfix BAe Hawk Mk.127

Gallery Article by Patrick Vossenberg on May 6  2009



Here is the Airfix BAe Hawk Mk.100 in RAAF colors, built as a Mk.127 LIF trainer. As aftermarket replacements I used a cockpit set from CMK which fits very good and sees very nice detail throughout. I also used some Eduard PE for the F/A-18 instrument panels (LCD screens, HUD and dials mainly) to better suit the cockpit layout of these trainer jets. Finally, I scratched some smaller items in the cockpit area to have it looked more like a Mk.127 type aircraft.

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Construction was pretty straightforward although not really easy: the kit is a bit rough and the fit is not that wonderful so extensive filling, sanding and rescribing was needed. Decals are from the kit and include a nice array of maintenance stencils. Paints are all enamels (Humbrol 127 and 145 mainly), I used my standard combination of pre-shading and a light post shading for weathering, together with thinned enamels for the panel lines.

Regards to all,

Patrick Vossenberg

Photos and text by Patrick Vossenberg