1/48 Tamiya Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

Gallery Article by Oliver Peissl on May 4 2009


Hello Everybody,

I wanted to show you my newest rollout, the Fi 156 "Storch" in winter camo from JG 54. 

Within the details from the box I also used photo etched parts from Eduard (49404) for interior, (48581) exterior, (48582) the Skis, the sight for the MG 15 from Aires and exhausts from Quickboost.

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Instead of the cockpit, I began with the engine. This one is with 15 parts and decals in the box and with wonderful details. I painted the engine with ModellMaster Metalcode colours and polished them with graphite powder. 

Every interior part was painted with RLM 02 from Gunze-Sangyo. I expect that the Storch is dirty inside, so I did this with some pigments and a variation of colours. 

The interior parts are washed with oils in black and brown to get a strong used effect. I also used some pigments to simulate these effects. After dry brushing I coloured the hand gears switches and buttons in the typical colours.

Joining of the fuselage was very fine, only little putty had been done on the back of the fuselage. Also the wings got a little putty. 

After assembling the strong wire fixing of the main gear with no problems. The guide rail is very good to fix the wings with the fuselage and get the right angle.  By ending the fixing from the box I also fixed the exterior Eduard parts on the model. 

I like exotic colours, so I decide to make a Storch from winter 42/43 in the colours of the "Grünherzgeschwader" JG 54. Also I wanted to create a kit with skis. 

After pre-shading the whole mode,l I painted the fuselage and wingtips in RLM04.  Before painting the underside in RLM65 I masked the RLM04 areas.........and painted above with RLM70/71 to add the decals from EagleCals.  On pics of the SB+UG you can see, that the calc colours where painted along the markings.
I also tried this with the airbrush…. 

After drying the colours I tried to rub of the white with a sponge. Some flaps where over painted with the basic colours to get a ruby effect.  Some flaps I washed again with some oil paints to get a realistic effect. The exhausts where handled with some rust colours and pigments.  

Finally I assembled the rear gun and gun sight from Aires, the props, pitot tube, exhausts, door and the wing struts.  The pitot tube was assembled with a injection needle tubing. The skies where covered with some snow from Railway modelling to get a fusion with the vignette. 

I've included 2 pics of my Storch vignette from the side..........and above.....see the very first photos and the very last photo in this article.

Oliver Peissl

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Photos and text © by Oliver Peissl