1/48 Kinetech F-16 DJ

Gallery Article by Paolo Yuen on May 8 2009



This is a Taiwan air force aircraft, the model is from Kintech which are made in China, with Taiwan Hobby Fan F-16A/B MLU decals.

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I did not have much information & photos about the real aircraft; I used the instructions from the decal sheet to build the similar to F-16A/B model! The Kintech model is not a very good choice, the panel lines and rivets are not deep enough, and needs lots of putty work, but the good part is it comes with lots of different weapons

I donít know what kind of weapons Taiwan has on their F-16s, I only wanted my model to be fully loaded with different weapons.

I used Mr.Color to paint the model with Tamiya enamel paint wash.

Paolo Yuen

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Photos and text © by Paolo Yuen